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You bring the ideas.

We'll take care of the rest.

The annual MakeHarvard engineering makeathon will return this Winter for its fourth year. Competing teams at our 2021 event will have the chance to win awesome prizes and network with engineers all around the world.

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What will MakeHarvard 2021 look like?

MakeHarvard 2021 will be taking place on February 13 - 14 VIRTUALLY. While this means that the competition will look quite different this year than it has in previous years, the MakeHarvard team have been hard at work to produce the most rewarding event for everyone involved.

What does going virtual mean for MakeHarvard this year?

Because MakeHarvard will be fully virtual, we will be combining elements of makeathons, designathons, hackathons, and pitch competitions to keep our event accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

How will the competition work?

Along with several side categories, the main competition will be broken into: Best Idea/Pitch, Best Software Component, and Best Hardware Design. You will be permitted (but not required) to augment your project with physical prototypes using personal hardware. There will be a side prize category for best prototype.

How will Makers be supported throughout the event?

As usual, we’ll be bringing in experts to support you through mentoring and workshops. You’ll be able to connect with our cutting-edge sponsors, and meet fellow engineers from all around the world. If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact us at makeharvard@gmail.com.

Aw, does that mean Makers won't be able to get the usual cool swag?

We will be sending Makers their shirts and swag in the mail! 😄


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